Samsonite Proxis Extra Large Suitcase

3.799,00 kr
Color: Matt Climbing Ivy
SKU: 126043-9781

Proxis is Samsonite's new flagship within suitcases. The shell itself is made of Roxkin, a fantastically durable and flexible material made of 28 layers, the suitcase can be bugged and printed developed by Samsonite itself. This extra large suitcase is recommended for trips of 14+ days. The suitcase is produced in Europe and the material is recyclable.

Weight in kilos 3.5
Material Roxkin™ (Polypropylene)
Volume in liters 125 L
Size 81 x 57 x 32 cm

All Samsonite Proxis suitcases you buy at Copenhagen Luggage come with 10 years of Worry-Free service. No questions asked in case you need to have the suitcase repaired, the guarantee includes damage to the suitcase from e.g. the airlines, and if there should be the slightest problem with the wheels, the wheels will simply be changed free of charge, so that the suitcase runs like new again. However, the guarantee does not cover cosmetic damage such as scratches, dents, misuse or gross abuse such as acid damage. If, beyond all expectation, you find that your Proxis case cannot be repaired. Then it will be replaced and your damaged Proxis suitcase will be passed on for recycling and you will be given a 10% voucher for your next Samsonite purchase with us. By buying a Samsonite Proxis suitcase at Copenhagen Luggage, you are always on the move with a sustainable suitcase.

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