At Copenhagen Luggage, we are passionate about sharing our passion and knowledge of suitcases. Should you choose a hard or a soft one. Why is there such a big difference in price, what difference is there in the suitcase's materials, should you choose 2 wheels or 4 wheels, should there be front pockets on the suitcase, should it be a color that can always be recognized on the luggage belt. Are you looking for a suitcase with room for business papers, a soft weekend bag for the summer holidays, a strong aluminum suitcase for the camera, or a economical suitcase with good wheels for the annual holiday with the family. We use our experience and constantly search the suitcase market worldwide to find the best suitcases for you. After more than 25 years of experience in the suitcase industry, we thought that there was a lack of a suitcase shop with not only the tastiest and best suitcases, but also a shop where professional guidance is provided in choosing a suitcase. One of our skilled experts who examines and advises is Peter Bachmann on Vesterbrogade, who has almost got the suitcases in with the mother's milk via his parents Lene and Claus Bachmann, who originally started the wholesale company Kuffert Kompagniet. Peter was only 11 days old when he first traveled around the world with his own suitcase. Experience and expertise have been in constant development ever since. We always have our finger on the pulse, follow developments and can provide the best advice for choosing a suitcase.