If you have a residence permit outside the EU and the face value of the invoice is over DKK 300.01 including 25% Danish VAT, you have the option of getting a VAT refund on the goods you buy from us.

Copenhagen Luggage offers 2 options for refunding the VAT:

  1. Via Planet Taxfree. On request, we provide a form for a Tax Free refund through Planet Taxfree. The form and invoice (receipt) for the purchase must be presented to the Customs Service for a customs stamp (before check-in at the airport). The customs-approved form is then presented to Planet Taxfree at the airport and part of the VAT amount is paid directly at the airport. Please note that the size of the refund increases the higher the amount shopped for. The percentage of the refund is always shown on the form provided by Copenhagen Luggage.
    Here is an indicative overview of the VAT refund in percentages depending on the amount in DKK:
    300-1,000 refund 11%
    1001-3,000 refund 12%
    3001-5,000 refund 13%
    5,001-10,000 refund 14%
    10,001-50,000 refund 15%
    50,001-90,000 refund 16%
    90,001+ refunds 17%
    The document must be customs stamped and executed by the EU within 90 days. Further information can be obtained on the website planetpayment.com

  2. If you have a Danish bank account, we offer to refund the entire VAT amount (which is 20% of the total price) on your invoice. To get the full VAT back, you must send the following to Copenhagen Luggage within 90 days from the time of purchase:
  • Original invoice with Date Customs stamp as documentation that the goods have been made by the EU within 90 days.
  • Copy of residence permit outside the EU.
  • Apply the registration and bank account number on your invoice, to the account to which you want the amount transferred, before you return the original invoice to us by post (not by email).

    The letter with the customs-stamped receipt, residence permit, reg. and account no. please send to:

    Copenhagen Luggage
    Vesterbrogade 6D
    1620 Copenhagen V.