Samsonite Happy Sammies Eco Duck Dodie Children's Backpack Small

299,00 kr

Experience the new Duck Doodie made in 100% R-PET Polyester.

Happy Sammies bags are very versatile and can be used for almost anything. There are other bags that match the series, so you can get a whole set that fits together.

Introducing Recyclex™, an innovative product created from 100% recycled rPET plastic bottles, which is as strong and durable as polyester fabric, but made from recycled materials, but with the added benefit of reducing the amount of plastic waste found. These plastic bottles are cleaned into filament yarn and then woven together into durable fabric that meets Samsonite's high standards of innovation, performance and sustainability. Products made from Recyclex™ fabric are made to save the planet and perform for consumers.

Item no:
Color Duck Doodie
Weight in kilos 0.2
Material Recyclex R-PET Polyester
24 x 27.5 x 14.5