Repair of Rimowa Suitcase At Copenhagen Luggage, we make a virtue of providing good service. That is why we always help our customers with e.g. damaged luggage. Whether your suitcase has broken during the journey or the stay.

We are trained through several of the brands we carry, and therefore carry out repairs on brands such as TUMI, Samsonite and KKDK in our own workshop.

In addition, we are proud to have a close collaboration with e.g. SAS, Lufthansa, KLM, Icelandair and other airlines where we help with claims. Below you can see how our service works:

What do I do if I have a complaint?
Send us an email with the following information:

  • Make a thorough description of the damage to the product.
  • Attach a picture of the product as well as a picture of the damage.
  • Attach copy of receipt. If the item was purchased in our online store, please state the order number. If the damage has been reported to the airline, a damage report must be attached.

*If you have a RIMOWA, TUMI or SAMSONITE, it is important that you inform us of the serial number on the case.* How do I find my serial number?


  • The product can be handed in freely in one of our Copenhagen Luggage stores.
  • Collection after repair must be at the same place as delivery, unless otherwise agreed.
  • By prior agreement, delivery can be ordered with GLS to a business address or parcel shop.
  • When shipping the product after repair, a fee is charged cf. the applicable price list. Suitcases under 5 kg. typically costs DKK 70 in shipping and is delivered from day to day.
  • If the damage has been reported to the airline, the damage report must be brought with you.
  • If the item is not picked up no later than 3 months after notification of completion of the repair, the storage responsibility ceases and the product is destroyed or, if possible, sent for recycling.
  • In many cases, we can carry out the repair in our shop while they wait, if we have the spare parts in stock.

Repair conditions

  • Please empty and vacuum the inside of the product before handing it in.
  • If the repair is to be carried out abroad, a repair time of up to 6 weeks can be expected.
  • For repairs at our own workshop, a price estimate can be given before the start of the repair.
  • The price for repairs abroad is not known in advance, a price estimate cannot always be given before the repair is carried out. This may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  • After notification of the repair, please pick up the product no later than 1 month from this date. If the item is not picked up no later than 3 months after notification of completion of the repair, the responsibility for storage ceases and the product is destroyed or, if possible, sent for recycling. Unless otherwise agreed, a storage fee of DKK 500 per month started. Max up to DKK 1500.


  • DKK 350 is always taken incl. VAT in handling fee if the item is not purchased from us.
  • If the item is purchased from us and covered by the warranty, it typically costs nothing.
  • Repairs are paid for on collection, unless otherwise agreed in advance.
  • On presentation of a valid damage report, we can in some cases settle directly with the airline.

Warranty and complaint

  • As a starting point, there is a minimum 2-year warranty on most products, if you are in doubt about the warranty period, we recommend that you contact the store where you bought the product. This guarantee does not apply to transport damage, which is for example caused during harsh treatment by a handling company at the airport, please contact the relevant airline from which you have purchased this service. Otherwise, additional warranty information can be found in the product's instructions.
  • If you have a complaint about a product that was not purchased from us, we always charge a handling fee of DKK 350, even if the product is covered by the guarantee.

What do I do if I can't find the receipt for my suitcase or bag that has been damaged?

  • If the suitcase was not purchased from us, our staff can carry out a professional assessment of your suitcase. Please bring your suitcase to our store on Vesterbrogade or our store on Hellerupvej. An assessment of the suitcase costs DKK 350 and takes approx. 20 minutes. If you have had your suitcase assessed by us and you later decide to buy a new suitcase in one of our stores, we will give a corresponding discount of DKK 350 on your first purchase if you bring the receipt for the assessment within 6 months.

Handling of personal data

  • Integrity and personal data are a primary part of our business strategy. We store and take good care of personal information in accordance with applicable legislation.