Please note that the following warranty is ONLY for the purchase of cases from the brand Horizn Studios, for other brands please refer to the individual brand's warranty.

Horizn Studios Lifetime Warranty

All new Horizn Studios suitcases, purchased from Copenhagen Luggage, are covered by a Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer. To claim it, you must have a valid purchase receipt and register online within 30 days of purchase. (You can register here ) This Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty, described below, is offered exclusively to the registered owner, and starts from the date of purchase (warranty period) and applies for the lifetime of the case. All statutory rights remain unaffected by this policy. For products that are not registered online, a two-year warranty period applies. The manufacturer's warranty covers all functional aspects of your Horizn Studios case for the life of the product. It does not apply to cosmetic wear and tear (such as scratches), abuse or damage (such as dents or cracks) caused by the negligence or accident of a third party, especially damage during flight or transport. Damage caused by third parties (e.g. airlines) is also excluded from coverage and must be reported directly to the airline or the action company that is insured against this. Please note that you are required to declare any damages with the third party in accordance with its terms and conditions. To make a claim under the manufacturer's warranty, you must inform us immediately within the warranty period and attach photos of the damage as well as the original purchase receipt.

Based on the problem, we will investigate whether the damage to the Horizn Studios suitcase product is covered by the warranty. If the problem is covered by this warranty, we and/or Horizn Studios will, at our sole discretion, eliminate the defects by repair, replacement of the defective part, or replacement. For replacement, we reserve the right to supply a Horizn Studios case in a different color if the original color is not available at the time.

The warranty will continue to apply to the repaired or replaced Horizn Studios case; however, the original warranty period is not extended.

The definition of Horizn Studios suitcases refers to the following product groups: M5 Hand Baggage, H5 Hand Baggage, H6 Check-In Baggage and H7 Check-In Baggage.

Smart Battery (Powerbank) for the Smart series.

Horizn Studios warrants that the battery supplied to you will not exhibit the following defects within a period of two years from the date of purchase indicated on the sales receipt (Warranty Period):

- The battery can no longer be charged or discharged
- The battery can no longer supply sufficient power to compatible devices.

The guarantee does not apply to:

- Any kind of slower charging process, which is the market standard for batteries.
- The operation of the battery if charged with other than original Horizn Studios adapters or charging cables.
- Damage to battery functionality caused by improper use of Horizn Studios case.
- Batteries in Horizn Studios case that are not from HS New Travel GmbH or batteries that were purchased used or were purchased as part of an outlet or sample sale.

Warranty for Bags, Backpacks and Accessories from Horizn Studios

All new Horizn Studios soft products purchased from Copenhagen Luggage have a two-year manufacturer's warranty, which is offered exclusively to the registered owner, starting from the date of purchase (warranty period) and valid for two years. All statutory rights remain unaffected by this policy.

The manufacturer's warranty only applies if the usability of the soft product is adversely affected by a manufacturing or material defect that was present at the time of delivery of the product.