Peter says:

We are often asked about the warranty on the suitcases, most suitcases have between 2-10 years warranty against manufacturing defects. But it is important to know that when the suitcase is mishandled and destroyed, for example by the airline's actions during your journey, the guarantee does not cover it and therefore it is important to report the damage to the airline's handling company, as they have insurance that covers the costs of the damage to your suitcase. You therefore do not need your own insurance. It is much easier than you think. This is also the reason why we always recommend that you check your suitcase when you take it off the baggage belt at the airport, if it should have been damaged, you can go to the service counter next to the baggage belts at the airport with the suitcase and report the damage with the same. Then you will typically get a damage report and be sent to one of the airline's partners who can help repair your suitcase or, if it is totally damaged, you are entitled to a new equivalent suitcase as a replacement.

99% of all damage to suitcases happens when you are out and about, most people typically only discover it when they have left the airport or take the suitcase out again on their next trip and then it may be too late to report the damage. But did you know that you have between 7-14 days after you have returned home from your last trip to still report the damage? All airlines generally give a minimum of 7 days to register the damage to your suitcase upon return. Copenhagen Luggage is a family business which, among other things, has handled claims for the airlines for more than 15 years. With many years of experience, we therefore have a good insight into which suitcases can take a beating and which suitcases cannot... This means that we have of course hand-picked all the products we offer, so that we make it safer for you to travel with a good suitcase. In addition to that, we make sure that all the suitcases that can be bought in our stores can be serviced, so that if an accident were to happen and, for example, a wheel, a lock, a support foot or something else were to be damaged on your suitcase, then we quickly replace the spare part so that your suitcase is ready for travel again.