Regardless of whether you are going on a short or long trip, it is
important that you have the right suitcase to pack in. Because a suitcase is not
just a suitcase. It must accommodate everything you bring with you on the go and are
the only protection against impact and wear. So what should you pay attention to when you are looking for the ideal travel suitcase?

Fabric or hard shell?

There is a big difference between whether a suitcase is designed in fabric or a hard material. A smaller fabric suitcase is best suited to take in the cabin, as it can also be more fragile than a hard-shell suitcase. Therefore, if you check the suitcase into the airport, it should have a hard shell, for example in quality plastic or aluminum – materials that best protect your belongings and not least the suitcase against the impacts and temperature fluctuations that it may be exposed to during a journey.

Two or four wheels?

It must be easy to maneuver with a suitcase, and here four wheels are a winner. With four wheels, the suitcase can be maneuvered with one hand, pulled at an angle after you and easily pushed onto the narrow joint between the passenger seats in the cabin. Large wheels provide better stability. 360-degree wheels provide greater maneuverability. And some wheels are designed so that dirt and grime do not stick.

Today, many zippers are turned inside out. This makes the zipper more durable, but it is no obstacle if someone tries to open the suitcase, for example with a knife. A suitcase that closes with click locks at the top and bottom is harder to break open and it adds extra security, but it also adds extra weight to the suitcase, so a zipper will always be the lightest.

Lining, straps and compartmentalization?

It is taste and pleasure. A suitcase with a lining as well as smaller pockets and room dividers makes it easy to pack clothes, shoes and toiletries separately. However, the suitcase should always have internal straps so that you can fasten your belongings. A suitcase with the option to fasten hangers inside is a good idea if you are traveling with a suit, for example.

Height and girth?

Few people know this, but suitcases for check-in must be a maximum of 158 cm when height, depth and width are added together. A lightweight plastic suitcase gives you the freedom to pack more luggage. As far as cabin bags are concerned, the airlines' own rules apply, but a suitcase measuring 55 x 40 x 20 cm is accepted in most places.

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